About us

About us


This Department began its journey on January 23, 2012 with the appointment of Dr. Abu J M Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan, a Canadian Commonwealth Scholar, as chair. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences. It held an admission test on May 4 in the same year to recruit the first cohort of the Master of Television,Film and Photography. Three hundred and forty-four students competed for 30 seats.

It conducts a two-year Master of Television,Film and Photography (MTFP) program and a four-year Bachelor of Television,Film and Photography (BTFP) program. The department will initiate a one-year Master’s program for the students who will complete the BTFP program. It will also initiate a Ph.D. program in the near future. The department enrolled its first Master of Television and Film Studies cohort in 2012-13 academic session. Each program enrolls 30 students per year.

All the aspects of television journalism, television production and film making and criticism are taught in the department. It has a digital resource centre which is equipped with latest cameras, sound equipments, and edit panels. It also has a vast collection of books related to the field of television , film and Photography.

Currently four permanent faculties are teaching in the department. Leading film and television personalities of the country also teach in the department as adjunct faculties.

Goals of the Department

  • Producing intellectual leaders in the fields of television journalism and television production as well as film production
  •  Appreciation and understanding of television and film as art forms
  • Study historical, technological, political, economic and socio-cultural dimensions of television and film

 Strategies to Achieve the Goals

  • To offer a two-year, 64-credit master’s program in television and film. This is the first program launched by the Department
  • To offer a Ph.D. program in television and film
  • To offer a four- year, 128-credit bachelor’s program in television and film
  • To offer short courses on journalism and production for media professionals
  • To introduce an annual lecture series with an internationally renowned academic, a journalist, or a film professional delivering the lecture
  • To organize a research colloquium every semester where faculty members and students will share their research and production ideas and discuss contemporary trends in the field
  • To organize a career fair every year at the Department in which students will display their work before industry people
  • To organize roundtable discussions involving students, faculty members, and industry people